This is an overview about my services and target groups.

I do not offer only support in the HR environment and individual coaching appointments, but also workshops and trainings.

Please contact me for further information.

hr &

Which processes and strategies make sense for my company or project and how to I organize Human Resources?

companies/ entrepreneurs

How do I become attractive to applicants? How do I develop my employees? How can HR work as a symbiosis between company and employee goals?


How would I like to design my career path or integrate new ideas when it comes to my personal development? What do I need for that?

job (market)

What happens after my sabbatical or after my parental leave? Back in the old environment, new adventures or making adjustments?

vocational guidance

How do I approach my professional (re-)entry or how do I reorient myself with my abilities and desires?

New work

How can I succeed while working part-time? How can I use digitization for my success? Which working models make sense for my company?


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